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    Official Line of Consciousness 

    …has more holes than swiss cheese

    MARK: It’s amazing how we tend to stick to the official line of consciousness when it comes to defining reality, and yet so many different things, so many different thoughts and imaginings, and dreams and books and novels and TV shows in a way are realities unto themselves.

    KRIS: Indeed because you have grown accustomed to the official line of reality and anything other than the official line of reality must therefore be questionable but you yourselves know that if you go to work all day long, you do not necessarily question the other individual who leaves work at 5:00 and goes home. You do not question the validity of that self, nor whilst at home do you necessarily question the authenticity and validity of the one that does the nine to five. And your clever ego constructions make it so that when you literally manifest in one scene, then the other, you do not notice any lack of continuity, so nicely structured and organized is the official line of consciousness, at least as far as the ego is concerned. Do you follow?

    MARK: Yes.

    KRIS: However, that very nicely put together official line of consciousness, as we have said sometime back in a few walks, is something else entirely. In fact we would say that it quite likely has more holes in it that a piece of Swiss cheese. But your ego construction functions in such a manner that you do not notice the gaps and the holes and the rips and tears within the walls of the official line of consciousness. Were you to do that, you would be taken on such a journey of questioning that even the rooted beliefs about yourself and validity of your own lives would be put in such as state of questioning and disarray that orienting yourself would be difficult. Does that make sense?

    MARK: Yes.

    JOHN: Yes it does.

    KRIS: So you very quaintly gloss over these fractures, holes, rips and tears, as if they do not exist to maintain a certain amount of equilibrium and functioning within framework one experiences or the field of physical activities. And there you have your glory days in manipulating energy within that field. You can, with gradual and evolving awareness, begin to notice those gaps and tears and holes, and by expanding your awareness of self, take advantage of some of these rips or rifts, however you wish to call them, and go for adventures such as exploring the material of this nature which encourages a questioning of some sort about your basic assumptions concerning physical reality and the official line of consciousness. It is only official because you have said it is, otherwise, were you able to actually see with the eyes or even without, you many indeed notice that the official line of consciousness is a psychological construction necessary for your experimentations but beyond its boundaries, you truly are unbound.

    Thus when you take into consideration that apparently your world population is between six and 7 billion people, you may indeed ask yourself who is real? And am I even as real as I think I am? And you would likely conclude in a reasonable and sane manner, that you are both. Though you are expressing your energies and interpretations thereof as a physical being, physical you are not. It is that stage through which you interact with a specific quantum reality. But you have others within which you experiment and express, though you might not necessarily be aware. But if you learn to pay attention to your thought processes, especially when you daydream, which you can learn to develop, you would surprise yourself as to what kind of other adventures you truly have that are not necessarily officially recorded within the boundaries or the parameters of official physical reality. We trust that this has not blown some of your fuses.

    MARK: No, I think I’m good.

    JOHN: All of my fuses are gone.



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    Madeleine, Missing for 3 Weeks 

    Madeleine Hunt: Three Week Milestone

    Updated: 08:53, Thursday May 24, 2007

    Today marks three weeks since four-year-old Madeleine McCann was snatched from her bed. Her parents are clinging to the hope that she is still alive and well.

    Madeleine: Taken three weeks ago

    Madeleine: Taken three weeks ago

    Gerry and Kate McCann, both 38, have spent the past 21 days waiting for news of their daughter’s whereabouts.

    Police in the Algarve holiday resort of Praia da Luz have re-questioned two people over Madeleine’s disappearance.

    But with no news on their daughter, the McCanns are now thought to be planning a European tour in a bid to spread their daughter’s image across the continent in the hope that she will be spotted and rescued.


    I just wrote to the helpline website…I just read in the paper that a girl had been sighted in Marrakesh, possibly Madeleine, asking when she could see her mummy. I suddenly remembered about the pedophile we met in Morroco, in 1986/87, and then later visited in Crystal Palace in London (we stayed with Jack and Alan, who were looking after 4 children, because their mother had been seriously injured in a hit and run accident…we didn’t suspect a thing.) ….we obviously didn’t have any idea that it was a pedophile ring, until we saw a photo of Clive Barton alias Jack Webb on the front page of the newspaper a few months later, wanted in connection with an international pedophile ring. Horrified, we went striaght to the police. They had arrested his accomplice Alan in London, but Jack/Clive was believed to be in Morocco, and couldn’t be extradicted. A friend of mine spotted him in Gibraltar some years ago. He always stayed with a certain Moroccan man, in a small town, Tagazout, in the south of Morocco near Agadir……

    So, all you psychics and mediums out there, can we come up with something specific? Something useful? Is Madeleine in Morocco? What are the names of the people near her? The name of the town?


    • Cassandra (fortune) Cookie 5:31 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for posting this. I’m goign to give it a go,don’t knwo why i didn’t earlier. Would you care fi i teafed for my page?

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 5:53 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Teaf whatever you want Cookie! Let’s combine results 🙂

    • Raven 9:55 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      HI Tracy

      May you be blessed for this. A few days back certain people got together and held a ritual that Maddy would be revealed. Im hoping this is parts of the fruit of our labour working thru you as a receptor.

      Love and blessings + Hug. Raven xx

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    Notes From The Universe 

    You are not on earth to make things happen. You are not on earth to spread the love. You are not on earth to make it a better place or to learn acceptance of the things you cannot change. You are not on earth to find your soul mate or your purpose. You are not on earth to put the needs of others before your own. And you are most certainly not on earth, Tracy, to suffer, pay penance, be tested, or judged.

    Did I leave anything out?

    You are on earth, Tracy, because in your loftiest state of being, perched high above the wonderment, at the pinnacle of your glory, you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits.

    You sage –
    The Universe

    Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
    © ®

    And when you can grasp this, Tracy, from within the illusions, you will also grasp how unlimited you truly are. (And we’ll probably never hear the end of it…)
    • Anonymous 2:40 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Tracy,read ur good book,and u shall find the answer of being here on this planet,i,hv read the bible,the Tora,and now every day i,read the Holi Quran,i,m still trying to find the purpose,of being,,,A BEING AMONG THE BEINGS,,,WHEN U FEEL LIKE IT,TRY TO READ A BIT OF THE QURAN,no,offence my dearest friend,by this suggestion,all the best.

    • Anonymous 4:55 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      The Quran and Bible, and all the other writings about the origins of our being, are fascinating indeed! I love them all, because I love creating limits and walls that I cannot walk through. What an Essential accomplishment! I amaze myself 🙂

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 5:20 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Well, how about creating walls we CAN walk through then? For a change? Or even better, dogs I can walk through so I don’t have to fall over them 😉 I am bored with creating limits!
      No offense taken Zarnosh! I started reading the bible once, but only got as far as the begats…..

    • Anonymous 5:41 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      But it is so magic for such a vast Essence to fal lover (fall over) the dogs. Not funny!!
      I feel a teaf coming on in me…

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 5:52 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      oh yes! The Funny Side!! always a funny side, how could I not laugh at such vast essence falling over the dogs! (and I bet you it was that CharliePatel who was the first to trip me up!!)

    • Anonymous 6:20 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I can see it now. Patel goes for cosmic coffee with Elias, “E-Dude, Rafi fell over the dogs, LOL!”. Cracking up! Elias goes, “ROFLMAO!”, all over the non-floor and they both tumble into a black hole to see what’s on the other side and lay more plans. jejeje!

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 6:59 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      ha! ha! ha! I can hear them!

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    Defrene ~ Sumari Songs and Signs 

    Thanks to Emmy channeling Defrene:

    GERT-JAN: Defrene, I have a question about sign language. If [one] would learn to read the signs that you are using, would it be additional information? That is, kind of an additional layer of communication, or is the speaking the same as the signs?

    DEFRENE: The speaking is not entirely the same as the signs because the signs convey more information than can ever possibly fit in the sentences being spoken. Some of you are familiar with Sumari singing that Jane Roberts did and some others are doing, and we would like to tell you that the signs contain more information and can be translated in many ways so the problem is that some people might want a dictionary of the signs that we are making.

    This is a task that would be of enormous proportions. And always incomplete, as every language is, language is living and always changing. Also the people who use the language, will use it in their own unique way.

    GERT-JAN: So it is….like Chinese language in a way? I mean that…Chinese language is very difficult to translate into western language because it can have many interpretations.

    DEFRENE: Indeed. That would be a good analogy. It has many different reasons that we choose to use this system of communication.

    ELLEN: Okay, I think I understand what you are saying….um…like if you were to do the sign for a tree, it could….it would be different signs for a young tree or an old tree, a tree in the rain or a tree in the sunshine, a tree….different kinds of trees, is that what you’re saying? So each sign would be different considering which kind of tree or which element the tree happened to be in? Is that right?

    DEFRENE: Indeed that’s one aspects of the signs, and if you have the chance to see the signs one day, you will note that every sign ends with touching the body. It never are signs that stay in the air. This touching is just as important, if not even more important than the sign or the shape of the sign.

    SERGE: I would get the impression that, because signing is now such a subconscious process for Emmy, that you can utilize it to include layers of communication and even if we don’t understand sign language, there is still visually a communication if I was to see it, and an aspect of me still would relate to that and eventually incorporate it into my understanding, does that make sense?

    DEFRENE: Indeed that is very, very correct! It has a similar function as the…for many people …..difficult translatable Sumari singing.

    SERGE: Yes, but at another layer there is still a connection.

    DEFRENE: Indeed, and they will make the connection.

    SERGE: So this is Sumari signs.

    DEFRENE: Indeed, it has many ties and also…..Sumari in itself…if someone does the singing, often there are signs combined with it, but most people don’t feel comfortable enough to make the signs.

    ELLEN: I think Jane [Roberts] did some of that. I remember reading that a lot of times she used arm movements when she was singing.

    SERGE: Yes, arm and body movements.

    ELLEN: Yeah, there must have….it must be very, very connected.

    SERGE: I think it’s very interesting that the only videotape of Jane speaking for Seth originally included Jane singing in Sumari, but it’s the part that was destroyed.

    ELLEN: Oh, really?

    SERGE: Yeah.

    ELLEN: Oh, wow.

    DEFRENE: Many people are uncomfortable looking and hearing Sumari singing because it seems so alien to them.

    SERGE: I would only surmise that in some way, their own emotional nature is alien to them, too.

    DEFRENE: Indeed, and they are afraid to connect with their emotions.

    SERGE: Yes.

    DEFRENE: It’s easy to shut off and to say, “This is too weird. I will turn on the radio and listen to the number one in the charts and not bother with these weird, intense feelings that this arouses.” And that is fine. People are not forced to listen to what they don’t want to listen to. And it’s also not the case that you can only reach your emotional nature by listening to Sumari singing, but it can form a nice bridge to your emotions in a similar way as movies or other forms of art can do.


    Sumari Songs Audio Files:

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    Kris ~ Imagine 

    KRIS: The idea that you must be born in the traditional sense functions very nicely for the majority of you. Not all of you enter physical reality in the same fashion, much in the same way that occurs if we were to begin describing to you a lovely tropical island. The sky, filled with warm sunshine, small puffy white clouds gently traveling through tall palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, the ocean air caressing everything in its path, the waves from the ocean, gently seductively lapping at the sandy beaches and perhaps you are experiencing a pleasurable moment walking on the warm sands of the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, breathing the fresh salty air, feeling the breeze through your hair, on your skin, imagining yourself in paradise in this way, perhaps even drinking from a freshly harvested coconut. That paints a very beautiful mental scenario does it not?

    JOHN: It’s lovely.

    KRIS: And the more the senses are involved in that kind of a scenario, the more tangible it seems to become, does it not?

    JOHN: Oh yes.

    KRIS: And in some way, even though it could easily be described as merely a pretty little visualization, still you have invested a certain amount of energy in forming the imagery and of seeing yourself in that imaginative environment. Do you follow?

    ALL: Yes.

    KRIS: Now it could be said that as soon as you turn your mind away and back to your regular attention span, that the imagery simply vanishes. That would be the usual understanding would it not?

    JOHN: Right.

    KRIS: We would contend that since you utilized your own energies to create the imagery at our suggestion, that indeed the images that you have created do not disappear but instead continue an exploration, pursuing the intent within that imagery, that for all intents and purposes you have created an alternate or probable self, another projection of yourself. Does that make some sense to you?

    JOHN: Ah!

    MARK: Yes. So technically speaking, those energies can flow out into the universe and be taken, enter somebody else’s consciousness and be transformed through their energies.

    KRIS: There needs to be a small distinction here. It is not so much that perhaps an echo of that imagery might enter someone else’s consciousness but that another individual may tune into this wonderful scenario and adapt it to his or her own purposes because it is energy. However, the initial imagery is invested with quantum life. It is invested with your energy. It stands to reason in a certain way that it would pursue its own path to that imagery. You might be a kind of dream that it had just experienced. Perhaps a lovely daydream but who would want to dream of being stuck in a small room and not enjoying the sunshine? So to that construction, you might as well be as fictitious as you think your imaginary adventure is. Now the question is: who is real? Of course you would say ‘there is no contest, I am real.’

    MARK: I would have to say they’re all valid.

    KRIS: Correct. It does not invalidate your lovely self but simply makes you aware that self is not limited to your interpretations of what it may or may not be because it is much more than the sum of all of its parts, yourself included. Does that make sense as well?

    more here:

    • Anonymous 4:58 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      YO! This is exactly where my Polynesian Probability came from! I must be meeting myself coming and going in Capri, Yester, Morocco, Salitre, Munchies, … 🙂

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 5:17 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      KC, I just love this! This, to me, makes sense, even when nothing else does, ROFL! How fantastically creative and wonderful!

  • stillwandering 1:27 pm on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply  


    KRIS: Do keep in mind that there is usually an area of discrepancies when you begin to utilize your linear perspectives to try and understand and make sense of non-linear processes. So automatically, you need to censor data or material that really makes no sense in that way, to the linear constructions of your ideas concerning time and space. And we are well aware that you may entertain certain ideas concerning the conundrum of time space continuum, and make concerted efforts to stretch your imaginations beyond those paradigms and associated boundaries. However still, you will drop certain amounts of material and quite likely a large portion of it, that simply does not fit into your little logical boxes. Does that make sense so far?

    And it is quite a natural phenomenon. Some data or information you simply could not assimilate, simply because you have absolutely no references to other dimensional information. And some of it would actually be completely invisible to your own neurological processes and related understandings because you are still viewing the universe from within a well.

    Thus from within the well, you look up and you interpret only what you can perceive. You may have an idea that there may be something else beyond the parameters of your well. But what that is, you are unable to assimilate. Do you follow?

    And you may make numerous deductions, contemplations. You may invent philosophies to try to explain and make sense of what you think and assume exists outside the boundaries of your well. But for all intents and purposes, they are merely interpretations. Nice ones, but interpretations still. And because your race is very adept at myth-making, then you install mythologies in what you call religions, set up deities, divine beings in relation to the interpretations of your assumptions. And though they may represent a small inkling, often you invest so much energy in the creation of these religions that you must then believe what you create, what you interpret, as the truth because of vested interest and gains. Does that make sense to you?

    Now you yourselves, all of you in this room listening, and all of the other human beings interacting, all six or seven billion of you, running about, going about your businesses, your ways, etcetera, are interpretations of something much larger still. And in order to play the game then, within the context of this field, you need to create interpretations of your energies. You call them focal personalities, focuses, we refer to them as Expressions of Essence. These, your lovely physical selves and the consciousness that animates those lovely physical selves are interpretations of much larger waves of energy. Of concepts so vast that in order to make an attempt at interpreting a portion of those conceptual energies, you create then the field that you call physical reality. And you experiment within its boundaries. Does that make sense?


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    Red Apples and Ecru Turbans 

    Yesterday I fell over a pile of dogs and hurt my KNEE! What is it with KNEES! First the left knee, then the broken toe, and now the right knee. Am I trying to hobble myself or what. Well, I’ll go back to bed in a minute and remember some more dreams…..

    Last night I drifted off whilst sitting at the computer, and went to our Wish House (or as B calls it, our imaginary ‘Estate’. It’s a big house we all can visit, and each room is in a different country…you can add rooms if you want to. I think it’s near The City.)

    We were all having tea in my chintzy morning room, then we went down the left wing (couldn’t decide whether to go down the right wing or the left wing), and into a room on the left. On a wall on the left (I wonder if all these left turns are significant) there was a tapestry depicting a winding road covering a door. When we pulled back the tapestry, the door glowed golden. (Oh, I was listening to Defrene’s Sumari singing at the time…thanks to Emmy, on New World View). I found myself walking along a lane with a flat basket of red apples. (over my left arm, incidentally). I was mostly looking down at the apples, chose one, and offfered it to whoever was walking towards me. It was an old woman in black, smiling at me. She took an apple as she passed, looked back and smiled, and carried on. Looking down at the apples, I did the same thing again, offered it to the next person to pass me in the lane. It was the same woman. The same thing happened three times, same woman. Oh, so I am the old woman, I thought. Recalling my intention to be more specific with names and dates, I suddenly got the name Antoinette Duvall, 1863, Switzerland.

    Then I noticed that Kat had just commented on my blog, so I found myself in her apartment, and offered her a rose, and then a red apple. I imagined that at that moment she would suddenly want to eat a crisp juicy apple. (I would just love it if this syncs! Anyone who ate an apple last night let me know! hah)

    Then I was in a hot sunny surreal place, and a young dark skinned boy in an ecru silk turban and clothes (not white, ECRU…haha I don’t know why but that is significant) was leaning on a light coloured stone wall, smiling at me and singing along to the Sumari singing. He was a bit other-worldly, sort of genie-ish. I went to bed then, intending to find out more about him, but I forgot……


    Ok, so I just googled Antoinette Duvall and came up with this excerpt from a romance paperback:

    “Cassandra Richards, a rather free-spirited girl, is more than excited when she hears about the ghosts at Royce Castle. She and her friend, Antoinette Duvall (a Jamaican native) hope that they can reach out to the spirits there.”

    Either this is my essence having a larf, since I felt so clever to get the name and date, or maybe I was just picking up on somebody out there reading a novel…..or it’s a cleu……

    • Anonymous 1:19 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I ate a pineaple. Does it counts?
      Now I remember! Actually I didn’t eat an apple, I ate two!

    • Anonymous 1:41 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I’m know I’m trying to hobble myself for sure. Tiana’s teacher ripped a ligament and now in plaster with crutches and another girl broke 2 fingers and another her arm, all in the last few days. I feel worse and think I’ve got the flu! Today I felt like I need a rest. Gold was significant to me today, thought I will check if anyone has mentioned gold. Specifically changing from blue to gold. Think I’ll go visit your wish house and relax 🙂 Love, M xxx

    • Anonymous 5:14 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Ahem! There was a half rotten apple in my fridge which I finally threw out yesterday. The boy in ecru felt like Seth, then Rafi. “Woman in black” with the smile – Elias? But I love how you Make Connections :)!

    • Anonymous 5:47 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      have you been reading any book,before going to bed,do you always thionk about things, u read,ghosts are real.this earth was inhibited by ghosts till the time of PROPHET SALUMON,,SULIMAN,,read ur bible,i,hv the experience of ghosts,just trust in ur instincts,

    • Anonymous 11:56 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      well I am synching with KC anyway, I found a slightly rotten apple in the fridge …

  • stillwandering 12:27 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy 100th Birthday 

    Lily Kreidl

    • Anonymous 11:45 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I sang along Tracy

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 10:07 pm on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply


  • stillwandering 6:44 am on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    How Do I Look? 

    People want to see how do I look today, they look in the mirror,

    they see one face, oh I look blah, blah blah, blah blah.

    If you want to see how you look today open the damn window,

    don’t look in the mirror.


    I’m windy today I’m cold today and I’m sunny, I’m hot.

    I’m water and trees and wind and birds.

    And none of that all at the same time.



    Thanks to Nana and to Julie for posting this!

    • Anonymous 6:49 am on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Come next door! @#$%^&*+

    • Raven 1:52 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Tracy

      This is a very powerful and spiritual picture. LOVE IT.

      Love and Blessings. Raven xx

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 2:26 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      well, last night we had the most amazing thunder and lightning, I went up on the roof to watch it….

    • Raven 3:30 am on May 23, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Tracy

      Very interesting (Storms are the sign of Hecate passing). Love Storms.

      Love and Blessings. Raven xx

  • stillwandering 6:24 am on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    Dreams of Castles and of Yemen 

    I went back to bed this morning for about 4 hours, and had loads of dreams. That is, I seemed to be aware of them as they were happening, but, once again, failed to write them down at the time. Let’s see what I can remember. I haven’t been aware of such intense dreams for ages, much less recalled anything.

    The plan was to meet up in Britta’s room at the Castaic Inn, and take it from there, probably to Capri to meet KC and co. KC was in the dream, she was telling me something. (I’ve had KC telling me things in dreams quite often, but what did she say??!). I had one very clear image of looking out of a castle at the coast on the left and a peninsula jutting out to the top left of the scene. The walls below me as I looked out of the (window? parapet?) were stone, but not old and crumbling, and the top where I was, was made of wood, and was newish. The land below was very green, and there were no other buildings visible. I was with someone and it was a happy feeling.

    Standing at a kitchen sink looking out of a window, I had forgotten to go down to the basement and continue trying to find all the chickens/goats/kittens that had escaped from the enclosure down there. (I am ALWAYS rounding up escaped animals in dreams, and I never find them all before the dream ends). I had knocked on the door of a college type bedroom (small and functional), and asked my old schoolfriend Sue to help me find all the animals. She came, a bit unenthusiastically, and then sometime later I realized I’d got sidetracked and had forgotten that she was waiting for me. At first the animals were white chickens, then it seemed they were goats or young deer, and then kittens.

    I kept thinking Yemen each time I sort of woke up a bit, and saw a young woman walking briskly, smiling, across a flat area, it looked as if she was welcoming someone getting off a plane, perhaps. I had a sudden feeling that Sophie, my black labrador, had been with me in Yemen.

    There was loads more, all busy and colourful, and darnit that’s all I can remember for now. I did make a point of suggesting before I went to sleep that I would recall more throughout the day. There were alot of people in it, and definite locations, lots of bright colour and activity. I’m DELIGHTED with the recall.

    OH! And I was woken up by the postman, delivering my book ‘Ikhnaton, My Son’, by Ann Ree Colton, about Amarna and Nefertiti.

    picture: Harlech Castle

    • Anonymous 6:53 am on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      You remembered a lot!! I have lots of dreams where KC is telling me things, LOL!

    • Anonymous 11:44 am on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      well done Tracy on your dream recall!

    • Anonymous 4:00 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      I went to sleep last night wondering if Nana was going to talk to me LOL!! I often have dreams of having to catch escaped animals too! Wonder what that means? I’ll be glad when a machine is invented to ‘tape’ our dreams for us 🙂

    • † ® ã Ç ¥ ™ 10:12 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Maragret, if ever you work out why the rounding up animals dreams, let me know! (maybe it’s just because we do actually do that quite a lot in real life 😉 I would LOVE a dream recorder! Maybe I will make an imaginary one that I can watch during the day 🙂

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